Welcome to the B & B Fiorentini Residence in Naples

Fiorentini is an  elegant and comfortable guest-house situated in the heart of Naples at about 100 metres from Piazza Municipio, Molo Beverello (from which you can leave for Capri, Ischia, Procida, Sorrento), via Toledo, piazza del Plebiscito, San Carlo opera house, the Royal Palace and the main shopping area.

The archaeological sites , the ancient Greek Naples and the Roman decumans are five minutes away. Spaccanapoli, San Gregorio Armeno, the Concert house, the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, the most famous places of interest are all close at hand.

From Piazza Municipio you can easily move to Pozzuoli, Baia and all other districts by public transport. Also the archaeological sites of Pompei and Ercolano are no more than 20 mins distance by train.

All rooms with bathrooms en-suite are elegant, spacious and well furnished with pieces produced by Neapolitan artisans and there are also some drawings of the well-known artist Riccardo D´Alisi decorating the walls.

Anyone looking for a b & b in Naples  will find  in Fiorentini  residence one of the most comfortable  b&b  centrally located  in the heart of Naples, which also offers accommodation in appartments,all located in the most noble and central parts of Naples.

How to get to Fiorentini:

From Piazza Municipio follow Via Medina for about 100 meters, take the forth side-street at left ,immediately after Hotel Ambassador.First entry on the left, number 21, A  7th floor. Both lifts are free.   You will find three different parking areas within 5o meters, one of which is in the same building.

From  Naples International airport Napoli Capodichino, (8 Km distance),pick up Alibus and get off at Piazza Municipio/San Carlo stop. Departures each 20 minutes.

From Naples railway station take a tram (towards Fuorigrotta)and get off at Piazza Municipio.You can also take a bus R2,Via Medina stop.

From Naples Mergellina station take a  bus (towards Central railway station)to Piazza Municipio.

By car: from the north,  motorway A1 Rome-Naples or from the south,  motorway A3 Salerno-Naples, follow the sign "Port-Via Marina" to get to Piazza Municipio.

By Taxi: ask the driver to take you to Hotel Jolly/ Ambassador.


Some useful information

Tourist offices in Naples around Fiorentini residence:

1.Azienda di soggiorno cura e turismo (450 m) Via S.Carlo 9 Napoli Tel:081 402394

2.Azienda di soggiorno e turismo(600mt) Piazza del Gesù Nuovo Napoli Tel:081 5523328

Restaurants in Naples around  Fiorentini residence:

1.Pizzeria Ciro a Medina (20 mt) Via Medina 19 - 80133 Napoli Tel:081 4206028

2.Trattoria Medina (80 mt) Via Medina 32 - 80133 Napoli Tel:081 5515233

3.La Mer S.r.l. (20 mt) Via Medina 19 – 80133 Napoli Tel:081 4206028

4.Osteria Vineria (30 mt) Vc.Medina 14 – 80133 Napoli Tel:081 5514067

5.A Taverna do Re (230 mt) Supportico Fondo di Separazione 2 Napoli Tel:081 5522424

6.Ciro a Santa Brigida  Via Santa Brigida 71/73 – Napoli Tel:081 5524072

7.Medina 2 S.r.l. (20 mt) Via Medina 18 – 80133 Napoli Tel:081 5510470

8.Trentadue S.r.l. (80 mt) Via Medina 32 – 80133 Napoli Tel:0815525233

9.Femadato S.r.l. (140 mt) Via S.Tommaso d’Aquino 36 - 80133 Napoli Tel:081 8085200

10.DE.DI.CA.R. S.r.l. (170mt) Via del Carretto Ferdinando – 80133 Napoli Tel:081 5525956

11.Mamma Mia S.r.l. (210 mt) Via S.Tommaso d’Aquino 67 – 80133 Napoli Tel:393 5398947

12.Sebastian S.r.l. Ristorante Bistrot Cafè (210mt) Piazza Municipio 2 – 80126 Napoli Tel:081 5522424

13.Bramar di Brancaccio Franco (250mt) Via Giuseppe Pisanelli 26 – 80133 Napoli Tel:081 5526807

14.Da Napoli a New York (250mt) Piazza Francese 37 Napoli Tel:081 4288034

Garages in Naples around the Fiorentini residence:

1.Gran Garage Incoronata SAS (90 mt) V.Incoronata 22/24 – 80133 Napoli Tel:081 5519185

2.Angioino Parking  di De Mena Vincenzo (130mt) Via S.Bartolomeo 42 Napoli Tel:081 4203429

3.Garage Oriente di Fiorillo Carmela (150 mt) Via S.Tommaso d’Aquino 44 Napoli Tel:081516843

4.Supergarage (150mt) Via Ponte di Tappia 11 – 80133 Napoli Tel:081 5518708

5. S & F  S.r.l. Autorimessa (210 mt) Via Ponte di Tappia 51 – 80133 Napoli Tel:081 5512732

6.Supergarage S.r.l. (250mt) Via Shelley 11 -80133 Napoli Tel:081 5513104

Churches in Naples around  Fiorentini residence:

Catholic churches

1.Parrocchie S.Maria dell’aiuto Vico Santa Maria dell'Aiuto 10 -  80134 Napoli Tel:081 552 0140

2.Comunità Gesuiti Via San Sebastiano  48 - 80134 Napoli Tel:081 557 8111

3.Chiesa di Santa Brigida Via Santa Brigida 72 - 80132 Napoli Tel:081 552 3793

Other religions

1.Chiesa Greca Ortodossa Pietro e Paolo Via San Tommaso d'Aquino 51 Napoli Tel:081 552 9906

2.Chiesa Evangelica Valdese di Napoli Via dei Cimbri 8 – Napoli Tel:081 264510

3.Associazione Cristiana Testimoni di Geova Via Nicolò Garzilli 10 – Napoli Tel:081 7662230

4.Moschea di Napoli Via Corradino di Svevia – 80142 Napoli Tel:081 203141

5.La Moschea Di Marasco Olga E C Sas Via Orazio 98 – 80122 Napoli Tel:081 668089

Pharmacies in Naples around  Fiorentini residence:

1.Farmacia Persiani (110 mt) Via Cervanes 51/53 – 80133 Napoli Tel:081 5520282

2.Farmacia di Prisco (280mt) Piazza Municipio 54 – 80133 Napoli Tel:081 5523505


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